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Earn a Master of Business Administration no matter where you live.

Saint Kolbe University’s Master of Business Administration is designed to offer you an experience tailored to fit your busy lifestyle and advance your career in 16 months. This program is intended for professionals with few years or no executive experience. This fast-paced format gives you a firm grasp of business principles and a rigorous plan that promotes constant engagement with fellow online students and faculty.

The Master of Business Administration is designed for those driven individuals looking to complete an American postgraduate degree without enrolling in a full-time on-campus program, while helping them develop their vision and the skills to achieve it.

FlexMode with Stackable Certificates, Design your own MBA

If you enroll with us, you don’t have to wait to finish your program to obtain certifications. Every 4 months term, you can complete one of our stackable certificates, allowing you to progress in your career even faster. At the end of the program you can achieve the MBA degree in addition to the 4 certificates you earned along the way without additional tuition cost* or time.

Graduate Certificate 1 Foundation Courses (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 2 Functional Area 1 (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 3 Functional Area 2 (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 4 Functional Area 3 (3 courses)

All MBA students are required to take the Financial and Economic Environment of Business, where many of the core business concepts are covered, including business strategy and business ethics, two of the pillars of long-term business success and sustainability.

In addition, you can enroll in three functional area’s certificates. You can choose

● Marketing Management
● Human Resources Management
● Financial Management
● Organizational Leadership
● Supply Chain Management and Logistics

Program Objectives

Successful completion of the Master of Business Administration degree will enable graduates to:
● Analyze problems that occur in business settings
● Use qualitative and quantitative tools to evaluate business problems
● Apply theories and concepts of finance, economics, and management to improve organizational effectiveness with ethical business practices
● Evaluate management strategies
● Collaborate and communicate effectively
● Develop knowledge and expertise in at least three business core functional areas

The MBA program consists of 12 courses, 3 foundation courses and 9 courses from 3 foundational areas concentrations

Graduate Certificate 1 Foundation Courses (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 2 Functional Area 1 (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 3 Functional Area 2 (3 courses)
Graduate Certificate 4 Functional Area 3 (3 courses)

Foundation Courses – Financial and Economic Environment of Business

The first 3 foundation courses build up the first business graduate certificate. These courses are mandatory for all master’s degree students.

BU 501- The Business Environment (3 credits)

This course reviews key functional areas of business including the following: sales, marketing, finance and accounting, customer service, human resources, research and development, production, and distribution

BU 502 – Managerial Economics (3 credits)

This course reviews key concepts of economics that business managers should understand in order to make sound decisions. Concepts covered include supply and demand, elasticity, taxation, markets, trade, and competition

BU 503 – Principles of Managerial Finance (3 credits)

This course reviews the role that finance plays in business. Students will learn key concepts of financial management including the following: the relationship between accounting and finance functions, financial analysis, valuation of securities, and the utilization of financial data to make business decisions

In addition to these three foundation courses, students must select two functional area concentrations (9 credits each) to complete the program of study.

Marketing Management

MK 501- Marketing Management (3 credits)

This course provides an overview of marketing processes and development of strategies. Topics include market research, segmentation, pricing, positioning, promotions, and distribution

MK 502 – Advertising and Promotion (3 credits)

This course is a detailed study of strategies and methods for advertising and promotion of goods and services. Traditional and digital modes are covered, as are ethical, regulatory, and strategic issues that arise in advertising and promotional campaigns

MK 503 – Marketing Research (3 credits)

This course is an examination of methods for the collection, analysis, and application research data used to make marketing decisions

Managerial Finance

FI 501- Principles of Finance (3 credits)

This course explores the application of finance principles in strategic planning and the operations of organizations. Students will learn to compute financial data and generate analyses for use in decision-making

FI 502 – Corporate Finance (3 credits)

This course explores corporate valuation, capital management, and financial decision-making

FI 503 – Futures, Options, and Derivatives (3 credits)

This course explores the integration of options, futures, and derivatives trading strategies within financial planning and portfolio management

Human Resources Management (Available from January 2022)

HR 501- Human Resources Management (3 credits)

This course provides an overview of human resources processes and strategies. Practices for recruitment, selection, training, management, promotion, retention, compensation, and discipline of employees are addressed

HR 502 – Training and Development (3 credits)

This course focuses on strategies to develop and train employees. Topics covered include the following: job analyses; employee testing and selection; development strategies; training and assessment techniques; and evaluation of training programs

HR 503 – Employee Engagement and Retention (3 credits)

This course focuses on strategies to improve the performance of human capital. Topics covered include the following: legal environment of human resources; workforce planning; performance management; compensation; managing diverse workforces; expatriate operations; leadership and motivation techniques; and development of a strategic human resources plan

Organizational Leadership

LM 501- Leadership (3 credits)

This course examines theoretical foundations of leadership, motivation, teamwork, and conflict management

LM 502 – Organizational Behavior (3 credits)

This course explores theoretical foundations and conceptual models for analyzing, understanding, and managing human behavior within organizations

LM 503 – Cross-cultural Leadership and Global Management Strategy (3 credits)

This course examines issues that arise in the management of organizations that operate internationally. Topics covered include: the following: globalization, cultural dimensions, transnational operations and competition, global strategy, and corporate social responsibility

* Stackable Certificates are not mandatory for the MBA program. If the student wants the certificates issued along the way, because we want to maintain the minimum possible tuition for the programs, there is an additional $150 fee for each certificate to cover the administrative cost associated with performing the degree audit and issuing a digital certificate. If the student wants a paper certificate delivered, there is an additional $150 certificate delivery fee each.

A graduate degree is an investment in your future, and we understand that covering tuition and other education-related costs can be a real challenge. Saint Kolbe University provides access to a quality education at an affordable cost, in ways and languages that meet the students of the world where they are.

The Simplicity of Fixed Monthly Payments

Services actively evolve; it is time for education to evolve, too. That is why we offer a very simple payment plan for our students. You would pay a fixed monthly fee of $562.5 for the 3 courses per term. It is THAT simple.

Tuition Warranty

Part of our commitment is for you to have peace of mind. Once you start your program your tuition and fees are locked in and fixed for the life of your program.
This way you will have no surprises of unexpected increases or changes that might jeopardize your completion.

Hard Times Policy

We understand life circumstances well. If you are enrolled in the program and you face a significant life hardship, like loss of employment or a health-related situation, you can suspend your learning for a short time. We will allow you to stop the payments giving you time for recovery. Remember, the maximum time to complete a degree is 150% of the expected program time.

Debt Free Graduates

We want you to graduate to succeed, not to be in debt for years to come.
With our low tuition fees and monthly payments, we allow for students to be able to pay as they go, avoiding a huge burden at the end of their programs.
This approach also allows for a very simple application process, without the many forms and documentation needed to apply for loans and government programs. This simplicity also allows us to reduce the administrative costs and pass those savings straight on to you.


Usually, our students can afford the monthly payment with a combination of employment income, family contributions, and savings.
Saint Kolbe University is fully committed to your success. In case you are fully qualified for our programs and you can demonstrate that you have an affordability challenge where you cannot provide up to the entire monthly payment, you might be able to qualify for one of our scholarships.

Tuition and Fees by Program

Program Master of Business Administration (MBA) 
Application Fee $ 100
Tuition per Credit $ 250
Credits             36
Courses              12
Total Tuition $ 9,000
Graduation Fee $ 150
Estimated Program Cost $ 9,250

Tuition and fees are subject to change before you are admitted but are locked in for the duration of your program at the time you are admitted.

Books and Materials

Estimate program cost does not include books and materials which may cost between $300 to $1,400, depending on the program. Students are responsible for buying their textbooks before each class. We will provide links to where you can buy them, but you are not obligated to obtain them there. You can buy or rent your books in any store; most books are available in electronic format, in Spanish and English and also some might be rented or acquired used, to help reduce your expense.

Stackable Certificates

One great benefit of the Saint Kolbe University master programs is its design in stackable certificates. This means that for every 3 courses you complete in our regular path, you can earn a Graduate Certificate along the way to accelerate your career even faster. If you want the certificates issued along the way, because we want to maintain the minimum possible tuition for the programs, there is an additional $150 fee for each certificate to cover the administrative costs associated with performing the degree audit and issuing a digital certificate.

Paper Diplomas and Certificates

We live in a digital world, so all our diplomas and certificates are issued digitally, signed by our president and with a unique serial number that links that diploma or certificate to your academic achievements.
Many students might choose to print and frame the certificate; however, if you prefer to receive a heavy paper diploma or certificate issued by the institution, there is an additional $150 certificate delivery fee to cover the cost of printing and shipping worldwide.

All amounts are in US Dollars.

Term Semester-Based First Day of Term Last Day of Term
Fall 2019 9-Sep-19 29-Dec-19
Fall 2019
Course 1
9-Sep-19 3-Nov-19
Fall 2019
Course 2
7-Oct-19 1-Dec-19
Fall 2019
Course 3
4-Nov-19 29-Dec-19
Winter 2019 13-Jan-20 3-May-20
Winter 2019
Course 1
13-Jan-20 8-Mar-20
Winter 2019
Course 2
10-Feb-20 5-Apr-20
Winter 2019
Course 3
9-Mar-20 3-May-20
Summer 2019 11-May-20 30-Aug-20
Summer 2019
Course 1
11-May-20 5-Jul-20
Summer 2019
Course 2
8-Jun-20 3-Aug-20
Summer 2019
Course 3
6-Jul-20 30-Aug-20