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Why Should I Get an Online Postgraduate degree in business?

As more students with bachelor’s degrees flood the workforce, those with advanced degrees not only find themselves with increased earning potential, but also enjoy the advantage of choosing their ideal jobs and employers.

With a Postgraduate degree, you’ve set yourself apart from the competition. It tells potential employers that you’ve gone above and beyond the bachelor’s level to understand the complexities of business — from practical management skills to emerging trends and beyond.

What is Grade Point Average (GPA)?

A Grade Point Average (GPA) is an average of all the grade points you have earned over the course of your degree program.

Are my Tuition and Fees warranty?

Part of our commitment is for you to have peace of mind. Once you start your program your tuition and fees are locked in and fixed for the life of your program.
This way you will have no surprises of unexpected increases or changes that might jeopardize your completion.

Does Saint Kolbe University offer scholarships?

Usually, our students can afford the monthly payment with a combination of employment income, family contributions, and savings.

Saint Kolbe University is fully committed to your success. In case you are fully qualified for our programs and you can demonstrate that you have an affordability challenge where you cannot provide up to the entire monthly payment, you might be able to qualify for one of our scholarships.

Is Saint Kolbe University licensed?

Yes, Saint Kolbe University is licensed by the Florida Department of Education’s Commission for Independent Education (CIE) – License #6006.

Additional Information

  1. Opening of the course with a minimum of 7 students
  2. Recognition time for a certificate approved at Saint Kolbe University is up to 60 months after the certificate is approved and for the purpose of continuing with your Master’s Degree.
  3. Certificates are valid only at Saint Kolbe University.