At Saint Kolbe University, we provide quality online higher education using proven learning standards and knowledgeable faculty. We prepare students to succeed in real jobs and actual business environments.

As an innovative institution, we combine a modern delivery with academic diligence to assure an outstanding quality learning experience. We offer 100% online affordable business masters and graduate certificate degrees in English and Spanish, as well as student support and services in both languages.

Saint Kolbe University is Licensed by the Florida Commission for Independent Education, License No.6006.


Saint Kolbe University provides access to quality education at an affordable cost, in ways and languages that meet the students of the world where they are living.

By expanding access to premium higher education, more students can achieve their full potential, improve their careers, benefit their families and communities, while creating a better world.


We envision a world with no educational divides, where effort and merit drive success.

Core Values

Saint Kolbe University is committed to and embedded in traditional values including integrity, respect, inclusiveness and personal responsibility.

We Invite You To Be Part of Saint Kolbe University

Come and be part of this opportunity inspired by the creativity, experience, sacrifice, and dedication to others of its patron Saint Maximilian Maria Kolbe (1894-1941).

Saint Kolbe University is the place for individuals who want to further their careers with the knowledge, practice, networking, and recognition a degree can bring.

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